The Power of Women


“Amazing Grace” how sweet the sound, that saved a wretched economy.  Women are changing the world and giving hope for Global Economic Recovery through their everyday actions.

My Theory of Change from economic vulnerability to sustainability: I believe increasing the empowerment of women in this world will significantly contribute to global economic recovery by enhancing the capacity of current vulnerable leaders of the world. Achieving a secure and resilient livelihood. This, accompanied with strong social capital and women empowerment, will have multiplier effects and will result in a more sustainable economy.

Some factors contributing to the global economic spiral-trend downward is marginalization (greed), discrimination (really, even in 2012), diversified livelihood resources – more importantly, lack thereof (polar spread of Ultra-High -Net-Worth & Poverty), leadership and decision-maker vulnerability (the people we can’t trust), low-income (again, polar spread of low-income and Ultra High-Net Worth income) and environmental degradation (environmental sustainability.)

The goal is increased global financial security, helping increase income and assets, security and health, and environmental sustainability. We can start the process with women empowerment and social capital.

I help prevent, and to the extent possible, eliminate chaos in lives. Creating a community for trailblazing women who are inspired, empowered, and connected. Amazing women, who passionately believe in using their intellect and ambition to change the world. My goal is improving quality of life by creating sustainable and socially conscious investment portfolios.

Conversations revolve around, priority – what means most in your life, at this present moment, empathizing your relationship with money and simplifying life, allowing free time to pursue passions. Many times the conversations come to close with a blunt statement. “There is more to life than money.”


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