Changing Lives in Cambodia

ImageGreatly moved by the passion of one person at Cambodian Children’s Fund (CCF), I witnessed changing lives of vulnerable children with education, nourishment and healing. Intrigued by our ongoing communication and her stories and photos of children living in some rough communities, to say the least, I met with my friend on her return trip to Los Angeles. The transformation was quite emotional watching her face light up with detailed stories of individual children she knew by name, three and four-year olds, with beautiful faces and skin, but scratched, infected legs from scrapping in the dump of waste for food. She continued, as she told me she had sold everything she had, all the material things of life – cars, house, furniture to dedicate her life to these children of Cambodia.


Founded in 2004, the beginning their world revolved around the health and well-being of 87 kids. Today they care for more than 1,200 and extend services to provide for their families and communities in crisis. Scott Neeson traveled to Cambodia on holiday in early 2003 and found his life changed by the desperate circumstances and unlikely courage of Phnom Penh’s most impoverished children. Today, he serves as CCF’s executive director, performing daily fieldwork and overseeing the operations of CCF’s various facilities.

On this, Stupid Tuesday, in Kochel’s Korner, I raise my glass and solute CCF and the dedicated staff to these children in need. I could post this thread in Heros or Charity, I choose to do both.

To CCF, chon mui (cheers, prost)


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