God has given us many faiths but only one world in which to co-exist.


It’s not only faiths, but also every generation, dare I say each individual, seemingly misunderstood.


Few, accept others. Conservatives, liberals, progressives and extremists. It is not our place to judge.


 Fact is, we are all products of our own environment, education, experiences, trials and tribulations.


The Dalai Lama sums it up by saying, “My religion is kindness.”


Each has the same basic purpose and needs: Love, Acceptance, Life after Death and Forgiveness.


We are all talking about the same God.


Promote understanding through education, dialogue and research.


“This work is a vital test of our determination to find new ways of managing conflict in the new world order.” ~ The Bishop of London



Exist at the same time or in the same place

Exist in mutual tolerance despite different ideologies or interests.


2 thoughts on “Co~Exist

  1. Concerning the belief that all relegions have the same god, I connot agree that Christiantiy has the same god as non Christian religions. Jesus Christ said in John 14:6,”I am the way, the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.” I know of no other religion whose god has humbled himself and come to earth as a man and offered the ultimate sacrifice, death on a cross, in order to offer forgiveness and eternal life to those who belong to Him.(see Philippians 2:5-11)


    1. Correct: this is where religions translate and a vast majority of scholars, including Christian Scholars differ “spirituality” and “religion”

      The general conception of God, in (most) all religions may be said to be that of an infinite being who is supremely good, who created the world, who knows all and can do all, who is transcendent over and immanent in the world, and who loves humanity. By the majority of Christians God is believed to have lived on earth in the flesh as Jesus (hence, the trinity)

      The belief in one God, the creator is evident everywhere


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