“Knee-Deep, Waiving Cane”

There is no place I’d rather be, than knee-deep, with a stick

A pastime, needing not the roar of a crowd, I do it for myself

No need to wet a line or feel tension on the end of my cane

Just as content, with pen and pad, whilst leaning, next to the river

knee deep with a stick

Of contentment, I enjoy watching a good leaf travel downstream

Harvesting fish, without blade; eating without fire, Nigiri Sushi

Natural beauty, picturesque landscapes, pleasing aesthetics

The mind can rest, rejuvenate and be left only to wander

Fishing Flats

In this place, there is nowhere to go, because I’m already here

Water, never judging, always accepting, the source of life

Covering seventy percent of Earth and Newborn Child

Life and Water are synonymous, like joy and fishing

This is where I belong

God created water and Fish before man

Jesus and Hemingway fished and so do I

I fish in the mountains and the flats of the Ocean

There is no place I’d rather be, than knee-deep with a stick


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