The Art of Listening and Why it Matters


Silence, to me, is the most beautiful sound in the world. I often have a one-on-one with nature, whether at a secluded beach outside of Malibu, on top of a mountain in Basque Country, deep in the Arkansas timber or gliding across the Everglades with a fly rod and Hemingway novella.

Lately, I’ve had numerous conversations about the current unrest of people and extreme polar beliefs that have never been so far apart. More people are seemingly standing firm in what they believe and I think this is a good thing.Image

The issue is no one seems to be listening. What’s scary is this seems to be of great importance to most of us. Extreme consequences of people not listening are suicide by someone literally screaming for help, mass murder because, seemingly, no one understood them or, more typical, holing up or defending your territory of beliefs, because I am right and you are wrong.

So, the next time I find myself with an opportunity to listen, I will do so with presence, passion and an open heart and soul. “How am I doing? Really, how long you got?” for you, as long as it takes.Image


2 thoughts on “The Art of Listening and Why it Matters

  1. So very true. I do see that as a huge need. Most people just want someone who cares enough to listen. I can’t fix anyone; only God can do that, but I can listen and pray.


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