Peace, Mom. happy mother’s day

sp & rs

I continue to work hard to improve “the man in the mirror”

trying to not react, but rather, be proactive in situations

and sometimes it’s hard

When one of my daughters cuts up a few $20’s

as to fit in her piggy bank


creates “wall art”

sp & rumi

I will think

before I speak


listen with Love

and sometimes it’s hard

when I have much on my mind

needing attention

sp peace

my mom taught me

life lessons, such as this

through her actions

so, what do you give a mom for mother’s day

that has it all

Rumi Simone

this mothers day, for you, mom

I give you my best, because you taught me

success is not whether I win or lose

nor about 1st place, how much money I make

or even what I achieve

you taught me, mom

Success is when I have given, and continue to give

Everything I’ve Got


Thanks, mom ~ I Love You

Happy Mother’s Day

your son, Charles


One thought on “Peace, Mom. happy mother’s day

  1. Thank you. Wonderful email. For the record if the $20 was the real deal and not just an “if they do it” or if it does ever happen the bank will take taped money. You probably already know that. Learn lots of things when you have kids. Just be sure they don’t go through the shredder.
    Love you.



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