Beliefs & Capabilities

My Work: My financial advice business opened in February 1999, managing a successful practice with some of the largest firms on Wall Street. After the global financial crisis in 2008, I made a conscious decision to immerse in the study of human nature and our relationship to money. The difference is now I’m having conversations about what matters most to the people I serve and help them focus on what they can control, like low fees, tax management, risk control, saving and spending. Now, my business solely exists to help client’s do more of what they love.

Quality of Life: What is most important to you?  What we hope to do is help you find more time to do what you love and spend less time worrying about sustained financial independence for you and future generations. Quality of Life refers to all aspects of your life experience. Each person is unique and anything that is important to you needs to be included. This does not have to be how things are now, but how you wish them to be. What are you willing to work toward? How do you want to feel and how do you want to be?

Balance: A healthy, peaceful relationship with money requires balance. If any one behavior becomes too dominant – spending, saving, giving, risk, or lack thereof – the whole system is at risk.

Simplicity: All the hype coming out of Wall Street and corporate America understandably confuse most people. I believe in strategies that people can understand and follow. This requires tuning out much of the news and emotion surrounding finances and following a disciplined, evidence-based investment program. This may sound simple, but it’s not always easy.

Learn more about our investment philosophy.

In summary, I help people do more of what they love by helping clients prioritize, organize and simplify.

To learn more or schedule an appointment, click here. My team at Abacus Wealth is available to discuss your unique situation and learn if we are able to benefit you and your loved ones.


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