Can Yoga Save the World?

If justice is removed … the great, the immense fabric of human society must in a moment crumble into atoms. ~Adam Smith, Theory of Moral Sentiments.

sp peace

I am a practitioner of Yoga, off the mat, implementing yogic teachings in everyday life. It’s an ongoing lifestyle focusing on mindfulness and being present for myself and others.

“The purpose is to make the man in the mirror a better person.

Yoga starts on the mat. But, the teachings become most powerful and transformative when applied off the mat. The word yoga literally means “unite.” Connecting the mind, body and soul is an experience of core impact, benefitting humanity and the world.

Ideas put into action by us and our children are what might just save our world.  A  space to teach the principles of peace and feel more connected to ourselves and others. Creating a more responsible society, each doing our part, in service, for the greater good.

Change is coming, it’s just around the corner, but we must walk around the corner to see it. Starting with me.

Starting with where we work and the businesses we work in and when we put justice on par with profit we’ll get the most wonderful thing in the whole world. We’ll take back our humanity. ~John Tudor Jones, TED Talk March 2015

So, can Yoga save the world? I don’t know, but making a conscious decision to start teaching principles of what matters most in life is a good place to start. It would be my highest honor if my 2 daughters are influenced by their papa, in the way they treat the Earth and other people, the way they pray, and understand how connected we all truly are.

Namaste’ Y’all


Charles Kochel founded Yield Wealth Management, the first benefit corporation in Arkansas. He also co-founded Bendi Baby Yoga Mats, helping unite families and community through yoga.

Charles can be found longboarding through farmer’s markets on weekends or flyfishing the mountains streams deep in the Ozark Mountains.


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