I Still got a Long Way to Go…

Looking back, it seems like a short timeline of my life, but where does the time go? I realize my life is half over and what’s changed in the first two ‘scores’ minus a few is everything, yet nothing at all. I’m hoping that I still have a long way to go.

ImageSo, I ask myself today, “Self, who am I? What do I want and who do I want to be from this day forward?”

Realizing, I’m a product of my environment, education, trials and tribulations, and understanding life isn’t always beautiful – it can be hard, I know who I am. What I want is to be content in my spirituality, relationships, health and money. Who I want to be from this day forward is the best father, husband, friend and advisor I can possibly be.

What we can't control

I’m learning more and more to focus on the things I can control and to listen and be present for others. I’m trying to live and love, like there is no tomorrow.

joy and pain

I’ve learned to cry and I like it. Crying makes me feel alive. I stand in awe of life and “my dream board” gets simpler every year, less expensive dreams, much easier to achieve. I’m striving to improve my family’s quality of life; and it seems our smiles get bigger, love stronger and distractions less, as our material items get smaller.

The story of the “”Mexican Fisherman”” has great impact on my life. My mentors are Jesus, The Dalai Lama, Muhammad, Gandhi, Mother Teresa, Teddy Roosevelt, John Muir and Aldo Leopold, none of them are alive today, making mentorship kind of lost art in “real time” but there is a lifetime of teaching each has left with us – legacies of life.


Never mind my name. Forget my face. But, remember it’s not difficult to love those who care about you most, listen and be present for others and understand the first step to knowing everything is to realize, you know nothing at all.

Life after death


One thought on “I Still got a Long Way to Go…

  1. Several agrees- realizing I know nothing is good because I am open to learn. It is easy to love ones who love me, harder to love the unlovely but I am often called on to do just that. Mentors are good. My first one is same as yours, Jesus, and even though He is physically dead I am thankful that He is much alive in Spirit and I can walk with Him and commune with Him every day.


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