Wasted Time?

Where do “You” fall on your own priority list?

Spirituality, Relationships, Health, Money & Me.

There, I did it. Now, I have re-prioritized my own life. Why is this is important?

Because “me time” has immediate impact on achieving the ultimate – happiness and improved quality of life.

spiritual simplicity

I moved from the heartland of America, across the country to Southern California to learn from some of the best teachers and practitioners regarding life and relationships with money.

What I’m learning is to help people focus on the things they can control, not only in their financials, but also, in life. Viewing life and making decisions holistically, and not compartmentalized spirituality, relationships and money, but rather, realizing they are all a major part of life, each affecting the other, connected.

juggle time

Time is one of the few items in life, once gone, you will never get back. So, I ask you today, how do you waste time?

Often, I have conversations with clients about “What will I ever do with my time?” Another popular saying, “Time is Money!”

No it is not, time is time, you can spend money and get it back, you spend time, it’s gone.



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