September 11, 2001, a life changer at the very least. I have recapped the day in my head for the first time in a long – long while. I greatly matured this day and it changed my path forever. I learned the inner workings of economies around the world, but this was not life changing. I counseled many, at the young age of 27, still green behind the ears…this did not change me. What changed me was daughter’s lost their father’s, loved one’s don’t come back.

“Surround yourself around good people.”  ~choose to be a good person.

“Look to centers of influence for help.”~choose to be a center of influence.

“Follow a true leader.” ~become a leader.

You are the mentor, the leader, the decision maker and the center of influence.

The future is in your hands. Change the world, one action at a time.

Is it scary, a daunting task? Hell yes it is. But understand, no one is more prepared to take on the world than you. Our turn is now.

papa and girls


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