Positive Politics – Reflections on What Matters Most.

If I diminish you, I diminish myself. ~Desmond Tutu

The political culture of modern-day America brings out the ugly in most of us. To acknowledge a candidate’s wonderful qualities, and reference their actions toward their fellow human beings – how they regard people, how they see themselves within their most intimate relationships, and within the broader community, must prove a losing strategy.

"Were the Good People at?"
“We’re the Good People at?”

I would love to see a candidate with a two-part campaign. The first, that the person is friendly, hospitable, generous, gentle, caring and compassionate. In other words, someone who will use their strengths, on behalf of others, especially the weak, the poor and the ill. It’s hard pressed to vision a candidate, not taking advantage of anyone.

The second, openness and a big heart, sharing their wealth (I do not define wealth as money, but abundance of what matters most to that person.) In doing so, the candidate is recognized and stands out of the box from the crowd. Humanity is recognized and is bound to others, like, the voters.


Candidates practicing this quality are approachable and welcoming. Their attitude is kind. They are not threatened by the goodness in others, because their own self-worth and esteem is grounded in knowing they belong to a greater whole.

Elections – consumed by slander and hate. We keep on, despite the political wars that bring suffering to people and relationships, for so many – misery. It’s foreign, to me. What if our political culture changed and decidedly strive for harmony and community. A community, that is not only meant for the living, but also, honoring the ones before us, the people who built this country.

Come on y'all
Come on y’all

Creating societies, meant for the greater good, ending wars and seeking to heal communities. Trying to overcome the purpose of winning or losing an election, might be too much, for modern-day politics. But anger, resentment, greed, aggressive competitiveness that rules today’s politics is corrosive and destroys harmony. Political candidates seek to destroy their opponent and both are victims. They are, as much at fault, as those on whom they trample.

No wonder, the sweet innocence in our children, disappears at such an early age. Elections leave me cold.


Charles Kochel is a “fee-only” wealth advisor for Rural America. He has worked with some of the largest corporate financial services firm’s in the world. The opinions shared in “Mindful Wealth” are his and his alone. You can contact Charles at charles@yieldwealth.com.

“We help people in rural communities make the best of their financial resources. Freeing time to do what matters most. More of what they love.”


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