Do people even know what they want? Are you even being asked?
what do you want?
So, what’s your answer to this question. What Do You Want?
The little competitions can suck you in to escalating cycles, before you know it. They become oddly personal and somewhere along the way it slips into resentment. Government elections are bad enough. Religion complicates the picture and staggering numbers of hippies are screaming about GMO’s, and don’t even know what they are. Relations between the opposing forces are chilling, if not polar. So, it’s not that surprising, people trying to “keep it in the middle” get a bit agitated, at times.
The world we live in, does not make time for us to ponder important questions, such as, “What Matters Most to You?” or “What Do You Want?”. But we can make time, for ourselves.
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Too Easy
Society will gladly take you by the hand, and lead you to a scripted answer.
Be it Religion, Government or Hippy. We all are a product of our own environment. History, education, hobbies, religious beliefs, friends, family, career and everything that shapes everyday life, it’s who we are. The prospect of people being yanked around by society will prove tempting. But, for now, their lack of tolerance is a form of control – a problem in itself.
Life is Not simple
Life is Not simple
If you are not content with your life, change it. When you make the effort, and get in the uncomfortable zone, “the unknown” “outside the box”, and ask yourself these questions, you will start to find your authentic self.
Show up for yourself, and find or create the life you want “Catch Your Dream” – a career you are passionate about, people whom you want to associate, hobbies you enjoy and make you happy. Ask yourself, “Self, What do I Want Out of Life? Will I look back, near the end of my days, and say … Job Well Done?
As Usual, Wooderson has all the answers *(Explicit Language and Reference)*


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