Begging for Rice

No reason to debate evolution, just look in the mirror and accept the change.

The more I try to defy time, the older I get.

Humbled by the prayers of my daughter, thanking God for the super hero traits of her Papa, the bar, set too high…by a six-year-old, it’s just not doable.

Looking in the mirror, I can’t help but notice the lines, from the corners of my eyes. I can only think to myself, “every single line, earned.”

Wishing I could feel the wisdom of grandead, but that has not been earned. My kids are six and two, so, the realist in me, says, “you’re still young and dumb.” With that said, I refuse to not acknowledge, for me, the highway paved by those before me, just might not be the highway for me. Dharma of sorts, maybe?

My modern heroes are Prince EA and Steve Jobs. Looking back a bit further, I connect with people like Theodore Roosevelt, that is all. Maybe, even more, John Muir and Aldo Leapold. Then there is the spirit of The Buddha and Jesus, they’re heroes – the perfect example of who I want looking back at me in the mirror.

So, the question I ponder today is this:

If I were truly hungry, could I beg for rice, without shame?”


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