“Go make yourself drink, and I’ll be down in two shakes of a lamb’s tail.” ~pulp fiction

Transplant culture. Genius exposing. Gawking, riding longboards through the farmers market, painting, running, biking, trails, discs.

Global stopping, taking notice. Co-existing, environment healthy, fun, smart, providing.

Diversity, togetherness – melting pots, people helping people – “at a boys” from corporate encouraging entrepreneurs to keep on going vice versa.

Kids bouncing around oversized sidewalks, pretty dogs, obedient, happy, healthy, culture local, organic, foodies, yoginis, savasana, cycling, fly-fishing, hiking, pickin’ and grinnin, and smoke. People read some write. artist, musicians, museums muse sharpening souls vice versa.

elastic, moving. standing still.


Charles Kochel fly fishes the Ozark Mountain streams of Northwest Arkansas.


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