The Broke Philanthropist

I’ve been asked, “Why do you do what you do?” This meaning – the amount of time and effort my community and I commit to local philanthropy. The answer, “because we can.”

People, leveraging business, as a force for good. It is our responsibility to seek and do more. Be the people going above and beyond the call of duty.

Corporations exist, by definition, to build shareholder wealth. Sometimes, we humans fail to realize a corporation has no heart, no soul, no mind, yet can sue and be sued, and directs most of the money in our world.

It’s people making a difference, not brands.

What we do for ourslevesWe believe in empowering people to Feel something. It’s not only what we say, nor what we do, but rather a combination making up who we are. The issue with the majority of philanthropic acts is one and done, a monetary donation, time spent helping non-profits…the list goes on, and this is good. But, when it’s over, we walk away. Seeking advocates to consistently help another without expectations of return on investment with infinite timelines is how to make the most impact.

Seeking advocacy, for all things good is not philanthropy, it’s a lifestyle.marcel proust

Our efforts this week, in the wake of the most racist America I’ve experienced in my life, is to bring to light the good in our world. In the past many days our teams have teamed, with scores of local community to help raise funds and awareness through entertainment, educations, and inspiration: every waking hour we’ve spent helping the following organizations:

NWA Food Bank

Football Frankin
Bike Ride
      Economic Opportunity Agency, The Children’s House

Changing the world starts with the person looking back at you, in the mirror. Moving outwards, through our local community, one community at a time, we collaborate and work together to empower change. You don’t have to give money, some of us, just don’t have the time. Focus on what you can control and let go of what you can’t.

As the media exposes hate and racism, we will stand strong and work, even harder, as people, leveraging business, as a force for good. For more information about how to help, feel free to contact me,


Charles Kochel serves as CMO, Lead Engagement at Webata. You’ll find him wandering and fly fishing the Ozarks.

People need our help. Through people, working together, caring about quality of life in their community can make a difference.

It’s not about the money. It’s about advocacy. It’s about Love. Life is about giving back, without expectation of return. Make a difference. Carpe’ Diem.


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