Greed & Fear

Believe and repent

Eternal harm is fate

Someone cares

I’m alone

Take on the world


Do more

Go through the motions

I can

I can’t

Spirituality, Relationships

Time, Freedom



Acts 18:9, “Do not be afraid, but go on speaking and do not be silent,” ~Jesus

Charles Kochel knows one thing for sure: I ain’t got it all figured out. But I do no harm and practice compassion just like the Jesus, The Dalai Lama, Gandhi, and Mother Teresa…just not as well.

I fish and practice doing better with the dude looking back at me in the mirror. I have no answers, but I’ll be damned; I’ll listen and care and speak my peace.

I believe politics are corrupt and fish don’t judge. I don’t shoot many ducks, because I love them so much, at the same time – I’ll harvest my share. . . same with the crappies. But, a smallmouth I will always release.

I care more about my family and friends than I do myself, but I’m learning if I don’t care for me most, I can’t care for those I love most.

If you’re looking for me, You’ll find me knee deep, waving cane on the chalk streams. <3, ck


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