Meet Charles Kochel
ck photoCharles is the founder of Yield Wealth Management, Co-founder of Bendi Baby Yoga Mats, and writer. He is a second generation wealth manager and cares for a third generation family farm. His financial advice practice opened in February 1999, managing a successful practice with some of the largest firms on Wall Street.

“Crisis hit the broader banking industry in September and October 2008. It was a surreal week. The night of Sunday, September 14, 2008, I sat, legs swinging over the Hudson River on the Jersey side, staring across the river at the space where the twin towers once stood. Just to the right, employees of Lehman Brothers were walking into a tall building empty-handed, only a few minutes later to reappear with a small box of personal belongings. At this moment, I realized there was more to life than money.”

After working over 12 years for the giant Wall Street firms, Charles was ready to break away from the confines of corporate financial management. Motivated by his vision to create a business that aligns with his beliefs and capabilities, Charles founded Yield Wealth.

Yield Wealth is one of the first benefit corporations in the state of Arkansas. Leading the charge, leveraging business to solve social and environmental issues. Unlike other corporate structures, whose sole purpose is to build shareholder wealth, Yield Wealth recognizes profits, people and planet.

Yield Wealth is one of the first investment management companies in the south to focus “core impact” investing. A mindful investment management strategy aligning your assets to your beliefs. The goal is to help society move forward, making a profit and doing good.

His passion is to help people produce abundance of what matters most to them. Freeing time to do more of what they love. Believing we are all a product of our own environment, his priorities include family, health, relationships and quality of life.

One thing I’m doing to help the planet: I’m teaching my baby girls the 3 R’s: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

Outside of work, my passions include: Fly-Fishing and outdoor activities, conservation of natural resources, farming and gardening, writing, music and the culinary arts, literacy, culture and helping educate future generations.

One goal I’m saving for: I’d like to travel around the world with my family, exploring different culinary and music cultures, whilst fly-fishing in my spare time.

The primary way I’m advancing my career knowledge: Listening to my clients every day and asking, “How can I better help you manifest your dreams?” Inquiring to mentors, “what are my shade areas” in my practice and life and how can I improve?” Reading the authors that are game changers of our industry and financial world. Continue researching, writing and publishing about different ways to help people enjoy life to the fullest extent.

Charles Kochel is a SEC Registered Investment Adviser and founder of Yield Wealth Management Corp.  A copy of our current brochure discussing investment risks, our advisory services, and fees is available for your review upon request. The information presented on this website is not investment advice. For more information visit or email

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