Lord, have mercy.

It’s difficult to accept and understand the inept character and integrity of a person purposely harming another. It’s understandable, but not acceptable for people not knowing they are harming another, doing so anyway, yet fighting for their right to do so.

Losing trust in society and retreating to the shrunken circles many of us have created in the past months is quite evident to the middle road street people.

O’er, I know not, but God said not knowing is dharma; back in Revelation.


If you think you know, you don’t know. Not knowing or nothingness is also the 14th Dalai Lama’s creed. Believers of a compassionate higher power deem the same — ‘do good’, ‘repent or turn away’, compassion, love, selflessness. I’d love to invite them all to a bbq.

Crush a coconut every year and let it all out.

Times are overwhelming. The screamers. The silent. Both radical — extreme polars knowing, without doubt ‘I am right, you are wrong.’

Battling | War — for what? To change the other person?

What an opportunity to release a deep rooted issue from one’s soul by acting out with passion directly against the very thing you hate, both standing together so far away from the middle you can just barely make out what they care about. We are in the midst of a civil war for integrity and character. This blows my mind. Nobody wins.

But what about the majority amongst the screamers living in the middle. A diverse community of like minded people are sitting in limbo not trusting anything, nor anyone except the middle. It’s like a cult of the good people, some we’ve never met. All joining together as a force for sanity within an epic storm of chaos.

So, what do we do, as the middle road street people to attract a simple mantra of ‘Do No Harm?” You’d figure ‘center of influence’ would suffice to solving the political issues we face today, but no ‘middle roader’ in their sound mind would run for political office, and this has been a fact for decades.


I don’t know the answer. I do not have a solution. My guess is that we, as the middle majority (God willing) will have to ask ourself and at least two other people (look in the mirror, ask the next 2 people you’d invite to a BBQ) ‘what matters most to you?’ And prioritize, as a nation what matters most and do this first. The leaders must organize these priorities of the majority and place them on a timeline aligned to what matters most to the majority.

A simple, doable, and measurable roadmap needs to be articulated to the people, (not just the majority – everyone) with transparency and a process to measure progress or lack thereof. It should not be this difficult to find a candidate you’d want to invite over for a BBQ. That’s why Clinton, Busch, and Obama were cool. Play the sax, shoot some hoop, have a cold one, and score some chics. Odds are they all three play spades, shoot dice, and throw a mean disc.

Sometimes I wonder if Jesus,, Mohammad, Jerry Garcia, Bob Marley, Anthony Bourdain, and  Steve Jobs are hanging out – swinging their legs over a dark rain-cloud, screaming and laughing, with lightening bolts of karma, and Cold Coors, just pickin’ and grinnin’ casting stones towards Earth, like a simple game of corn-hole.

I learned a good lesson listening to The 14th Dalai Lama  ~’Do no harm’ & Tolerance’. This is what I want to exemplify. |Do no harm.| I just hope that the middle is the majority. #GodSpeed, Charles.


charles-kochel-imageCharles Kochel, at home in the Ozarks or wearing a mask when I must be out.

I’m a flatlander living in the hills and have a $37 smoker. My grill was adopted from the side of the road many years ago. She’s seen a lot, as has my fly rod.

I help make shine, cleavers, and Dave Grisman folded in a ping-pong match against me in Missouri. He asked me to play a tune for him on mandolin. I barely knew one ~ ‘ `Arkansas Traveler.

Life Simplified

The core of human existence revolves around 5 principles. This is what matters most to us, yet we seldom set daily intentions to nurture our joy of existence.

Spirituality – The theory of dirt. What happens when you die? Do you turn into organic matter and that’s it, or is there something more? The simple belief (faith) that there is something more gives purpose in life, from here the spider web of religions present chaos, bitterness, and the ugly finger pointing: “I’m right and you’re wrong.” The fact that we are all a product of our own environment should present, at the least, a state of mindfulness opening our hearts and minds to other’s existence and beliefs. The business of hyper-religious sects (radicals) polarizes our communication and our ability to listen and learn from others. My religion is very simple. My religion is compassion.

Relationships – Sharing life with others that we love and care about lies dead in the middle of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. The roller coaster of joy and pain shouldn’t be shouldered alone. Without love and friendship – you only have spirituality and no one should have to go through life alone. Be cognizant of those that show up in the good times and the bad. Because if shit hasn’t hit the fan yet, it will – again and again. And those that matter most to you, more, those that you matter most to will help you through the bad times and celebrate with you the good, without motives. Life without ego is beautiful, live it.

Health – Your mind, body, and soul are your temple for living a quality life. What matters most to you cannot be fulfilled without health. The unfortunate part of life is that sometimes we can’t control our health. It is important to understand what you can control and take action and what we can not control and let go. This doesn’t have to mean carving out time on the mat for yoga or the gym; you don’t have to become vegetarian or vegan. Carving out time for simple tasks can be enough, like breathing, eating, hydration, and exercise. But what about nourishing our minds and our soul? How do we eliminate ‘monkey mind’ or slow the ‘ping-pong balls’ in our head? There are 3 things you can do for yourself that will make all the difference: Educate, Entertain, and Inspire. Another way to look at health is through the eyes of the 8 limbs of yoga.

Live Better by being mindful of all your actions

Time – It’s all we’ve got and the one thing we can’t get back. Time is defined as the indefinite continued process of existence. Even the definition blows my mind. We can’t control time, but we can control what we do with it. So, make the most of your time here on Earth. A simple structure for time can be prioritizing what matters most and do first. Organize your priorities and place them on a timeline. Simplify a doable and measurable process and plan to accomplish your goals. The question to ask your self is this, “Self, what matters most to me?” When you’re dead and gone, swinging your legs from the heavenly cloud placed just for you to sit, what do you want to see? What you see, starts now. Nurture the good, turn away (repent) of the bad and move on. Shrink your circles and give more to the people and things that matter most to you. Life is chaotic and time flies. Carpe’ Diem, Laissez les bons temps rouler, do more of what you love.

Freedom – Ouch, this seems to be our problem. Free from the daily stresses of life. Free from guilt. Free from overwhelming responsibilities. Total freedom is a state of mind and should be treated as such. No one can take away the freedom from your soul. If you prioritize Spirituality, Relationships, Health, and Time – Freedom will come naturally. Get out of the realm of more, more, more – bigger, and faster and appreciate what you have. Be content and live life. Some of the happiest people I know, don’t have much at all in the light of things, but the light they shine is brighter than the sun. These are my people. This is my tribe. Be Free and live the life created for you. Life is hard, but with a few simple adjustments, life can be enjoyed, appreciated, and lived like it should be. Enjoy the journey, it’s your life.

Charles Kochel can be found meandering the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas, and sometime Missouri. I’m passionate to the point of fault about the things I care about most.

Fly fishing, writing, and spending time with my family and friends is all I really ask for. I don’t need too many ‘things’, but I’ve been with a lot and without a lot – and I must admit it’s better with than without.

Fact is, if a person has never been without, it’s difficult to appreciate ‘the with’. Life is short, live it and do your best. As long as I can look in the mirror and think, “Ata boy”, I’ll make it. It’s the times when I don’t like the person looking back at me from the mirror I know that change must take place. Good luck out there, stay safe, and do more of what you love.

Roots: Intimate. Urban. a recap of the world’s best festival.

A Northwest Arkansas Music and Food Festival.

And the Lord God waved a hand over the Ozark mountains and said, “Let there be joy.” And so it was.

Roots Fest reigns supreme. A unique, five day mix of Salty tears, belly laughs, and tantalizing tastes; an experience empowering everyone to feel accepted, wanted, and loved. This is good.

Chefs bonded, breaking bread. Musicians shared notes. Root’s intimate environment is an all encompassing feeling of a comfortable home, one you never want to leave.

The brainchild of organizers Chef and Restaurateur, Jerrmy Gawthrop and bluegrass songwriter Bryan Hembree is nothing less than brilliant perfection.

The festival opened her arms, Wednesday, at dreamy Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art. A community event featuring culinary tastings, live painting, and music from Raina Rose, Matt The Electrician and Jacob Joliff Band. The blend of extreme jam grass, live art, and food, in one of the most mindful architecture structures, in the world, yes I will.AN BRIGHTWATER 1-15

Thursday, everyone showed up in good spirits, even the weather. Of course, Bentonville showed up first (The retail capital of the World starts at 4AM.) Crystal Bridges hosted Explore Northwest Arkansas, whilst what may be the best trio in the south, came together to present a life event. P. Allen Smith (hero), Chef Matt Bell (South on Main), and Chef Anne Carroll (Farmer’s Table Cafe) hosted the “Feed Communities Lunch, at the gorgeous Pratt Place, just off U of A campus, in the heart of Fayetteville. Wow.

VIP, Pratt Place, extraordinary. The perfect ensemble of good people, weather, food, music, aesthetics, beer, and elbow room. Lines were short, beers were tall, and not a musician, nor a chef missed a note. Without hesitation, the Universe applauded all attendees for their gratitude, humbleness, and sheer joy of life. It’s not an easy ticket, but it’s worth downsizing to experience.

The River Whyless, Jacob Joliff Band, and The Wood Brothers, all close enough to touch, from your blanket. The tiny dance floor, absent of everyone, except the plethora of acrobatics and dancing from children under ten years of age. Yes, I will.

Teaming local chefs with national master’s of the same craft was brilliant. Combinations of rabbit and pickled trout, with a side of boiled prawns paired well with a few local craft beers from Ozark, Core, Bike Rack, and too many others for me to sample them all. Also lovely, was the Uber presence. A short ride from Fayetteville to Bentonville is $20 each for 2 people

Of course, Friday started early in Bentonville. Brightwater: A center for the study of food, hosted culinary classes from morning to late afternoon. The beauty of Northwest Arkansas is not only landscapes, but also, the diversity of cultures. When Bentonville starts happy hour, Fayetteville is just waking up, and do they ever wake up.

Artist, Matt Miller opened the day with live painting, music dropping in the back light, and bohemians learning the art of organic and sustainable farming. At the same time, the main stage in Town Center was digging deep.

Few left Joe Purdy without tears and Smokey & the Mirror, geez, who doesn’t love Smokey. The days continued with entertainment, education, and inspiration. But, what happened at 11PM, in George’s Majestic is somewhat unexplained.

Enter, Mandolin Orange. The duo was formed in 2009 in Chapel Hill, North Carolina and consists of the group’s songwriter Andrew Marlin and Emily Frantz.

The few hundred in George’s expected something special, but not this. No one expects to fall in love at first sight. It just happens.

By midway through the second song, you could hear a pin drop, except for the angel and wizard on stage. Emily Frantz and Andrew Marlin, we love you.

In Fayetteville, late night is special. A jam session, hosted by Joe Mack, a secret late night bluegrass and foodie jam with Jason Paul and a mix of jam grassers second to none, more open jams, Elephant Revival’s foot stomping, head bobbing gig, Bayard Blain, Shannon Wurst…and it’s now Saturday in Fayetteville.

Farmer’s market’s in Northwest Arkansas are revered. Joe Mack playing in the background, live screen-printing from Kayln Fay, Kids and Family concert, New South Co-op from the likes of Chef Steven Brooks and Chef Matt Bell, and a Chef cook-off. Topping it off, just before noon, with a belly full of healthy goodness – Taste to Talk Series: Bean to Chocolate. Yes I will.

“Know your Axe” guitar workshop, a pop-up bistro, and a public collaboration of Northwest Arkansas Brewers Ozark Beer, Bike Rack, Apple Bolssom, Lost 40, and Charcuterie by Bentonville Butcher and Pint’s Travis McConnell. Sure, why not.

Artist, Matt Miller’s live painting at 2PM. 2 Chefs and a Farmer with famed Bansley’s Berkshire Ridge Heritage Pork followed by…”wait for it”…Mandolin Orange, at 3PM. Mind Blown, yes I will.

Only one way to follow up this half-Saturday. How about a 4:20 concert by Dead Man Winter (Dave Simonett of Trampled by Turtles), Nick Offerman (yes, the first to bring tears to listeners, at Roots, last Friday), Dylan Earl, and Iron and Wine taking the stage at 9PM. Wow, yes I will.

From 9PM to the wee hours of the morning, Joe Mack hosted another jam session, bluegrass reigned, and Ozark Highballers made an appearance, another secret late night with Chef Jason Paul and tag along jammers Joe Purdy, Smokey & The Mirror with The Honey Dewdrops. After midnight, Arkansauce and their local tribe of good people proved true bliss. Another jam session at 1AM, and a stoner-food pop-up by some of the best Chef’s in the South, because they can.

Sunday, the Lord’s day. A day of rest. Try Cycle Farm’s hosted “Food Recovery” A Gospel Brunch with pop-up biscuit-and-gravy bar by Blackboard grocery and beer mosas by Lost 40 Brewing. It’s not even noon, the gates are not open. They will.

“Never miss a Sunday Show.” Guy Clark was on everyone’s mind and it was special. Traditional instrament workshop by May Bell Music, another live painting by artist, Matt Miller, a mix of artist jam commemorating Guy Clark, Dig in Food and Farming workshop, The Stray Birds … and a dinner break. It kept going, well into Monday. It may still be going.

travel (ck backpack spain)Charles Kochel writes about life.

Roots festival is amazing. I can’t say enough about Jerrmy Gawthrop and Bryan Hembree. They are pure energy, mindfulness, heart, and soul.

Thank you to the Chefs, Musicians, Artist, and most of all, our community coming together, not only to make it happen, but make it the most intimate, interesting, and joyful festival, in the world.

If you need me, I’ll be fly fishing, somewhere in the Ozarks.