Catherine Austin Fitts ~ economics, financial permaculture

Catherine Austin Fitts  – Originally from Philadelphia, went to University and business school, and then to Wall Street in 1978. Eventually becoming partner in and member of the board, in an investment bank called Dillon, Read & Company, and left in 1989 joining the Bush administration as Assistant Secretary of Housing – Federal Housing Commissioner, and then left after 18 months to start her own company, Hamilton Securities, which was both an investment bank and software developer in Washington. The company was very successful, and became, unfortunately, embroiled in very serious litigation with the federal government, and it was through that process that she was forced to research and try to understand, the corruption that was really taking over on Wall Street and Washington. She then settled the litigation, and in the process many people came to her and said, “How do I protect my own assets from the corruption?” And so, she started an investment advisory company and moved to a small farming community in Hickory Valley, Tennessee where she lives now. Catherine is also Founder of The Solari Report (, if you subscribe; you get it, love it and probably try to make a difference. She coined the term Financial Permaculture.  I applaud her achievements and hold her as not only my hero, but also a mentor of life. Her anti-wall-street antics make sense and will help propel local economies anywhere, if embracing her theory. Catherine could lead the world, but only if she wants.