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Equality in Arkansas, I think not -but we are making progress

He has done it again. ‘Cool man JR” and his cronies Jason Meeks may represent Mayberry, but not me, no sir, not this guy. You are fired, as a public servant, I can fire you, right on? You no longer represent me. Now this guy is telling people who they can love and marry, this is par for a guy that has been a bigot since he took office, and maybe before, but I did not listen to him then, but now he’s all up in my business.

“I don’t want to go back to when women used kerosene and clothes hangers because they didn’t have a choice,” Senator Linda Chesterfield, D-Little Rock, Arkansas, told lawmakers…You go Girl. Tuesday, cup of Joe She was standing up to Senator Jason Rapert, R-Conway, sponsoring the “heartbeat” ban, an unconstitutional abortion law that would ban abortions in Arkansas if a fetal heartbeat is detected, prohibiting the medical procedure as early as six weeks into a pregnancy.

Rapert is the same guy responsible for making racial slurs at President Barack Obama, saying, “minorities to run Tuesday, scaredroughshod over what you people believe in,” Rapert hurls racial slurs Cool man, Arkansas Jason Meeks, fired  one at the Huffington Post Article, saying Liberals hate Rapert, because they’re terrified of him. The Governor of Arkansas has constitutional concerns to ponder. Bettina Brownstein, an attorney for the American Civil Liberties Union of Arkansas, said the group is also troubled by the restrictions approved Monday. “They’re both unconstitutional, and I think they’re both cruel to women and families,” Brownstein said. This may just be the “Stupidest Tuesday” ever. Yesterday, Senator Andy Mayberry said, out loud, men have the responsibility to make decisions for women – Wow. Barney Fife wouldn’t go that far. If Mayberry is catching newborn babies and wearing his child cradled against him in a wrap, he has no right to say this. Tuesday, girl power The issue is women’s rights, minority rights and religious freedom. Whilst Arkansas’ “ill hill” are debating guns in church and women are pleading for “Hill-ary” to save them, California moved forward with agenda to have 33% renewable energy portfolio standard by 2020. One Nation Under God, maybe, but a melting pot to say the least. How about over 23,500 signatures from Arkansas citizens to secede from the Union, the total population of the state is less than 3 million. Wow. Scholars are increasingly turning their attention to the issue and returning with novel insights. The issue of inequality is becoming more pressing in the popular press despite the conventional ‘wisdom-maker’ resistance to talking about it. I commented Monday, “If I had a shovel, I’d dig up my roots.” I’m disappointed in Arkansas’ Congress and my own people for not standing up for themselves. It’s time to pull an MLK and fight for what you believe in, fight for your rights.Tuesday, fight

My New Hero

Women Empowerment x 1000 : Naomi’s bio

Naomi Simson has a long career as a corporate marketer with companies such as IBM, KPMG, Ansett and Apple, before she tossed it all in to start her own show. Her first business Bright Marketing was a freelance marketing group, however the internet seemed to offer a way to create a truly scalable business. Naomi wondered if she could build a brand online based on listening to customers and responding.

With just an idea and persistence Naomi launched RedBalloon in 2001 in the early days of the internet redballoon.com.au has now been listed in the BRW fast lists for 6 years and also named as the #1 website by Hitwise for half a decade.

Naomi has recently received accolades such as winning the 2008 national Telstra Business Womens Awards – Innovation, and 2011 BRW finalist for Entrepreneur of the year.

Naomi is particularly proud as being voted by her team as one of the top ten Great Places to Work in Australia and Hewitt ranking RedBalloon with a 90% employee engagement score for the past three years.

RedBalloon delivered one million experience gifts in less than 10 years and is well on its way to changing gifting in Australia forever. As a CEO, mother, authorblogger and a truly passionate individual Naomi continues to innovate and create new ways to do business.

…Go Girl ~~ck

Sallie Krawcheck ~ Management

She was a write in…VP of the World: Sallie Krawcheck.

Sallie Krawcheck, New York, New York – former top-executive of the largest power wealth management firms in the world. She advises money-making decisions for billions of dollars a day, sometimes trillions, turning markets with her comments, helping our global financial markets work, to the best of its ability, it’s a continuous improvement thing. She listens, she gets it, She is Wall Street – she is every street in the United States and most other countries. I’m proud of her for turning her focus towards her family (and UNC Tarheels.) If she wanted to run for Vice-President with Catherine Austin Fitts as President, done, economic problem solved. I’d follow her, as an employee, to the moon and back (as I did from Citigroup to Merrill Lynch.) She’s one of the few economic “street smart” executives that care and understands the “do right rule.” She’s tough, authentic and a communicator, a wife and mother making global decision with as much information possible effecting everyone on earth, sound stressful, you don’t know the half of it…nearly every (every smart board of directors) want Sallie on board, or to run the company. Sallie Krawcheck for Vice-President – soon enough. It’s a Stupid voting Tuesday Thing.

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