My Bucket

We must be responsible with our words. ~not today

Death of true love or loved person is too much. The reality of truly bad people and war is too much. Precious cargo, what matters most, taken. Controlling some parts of life is not possible, so we learn to let go.

I can bury my head in the sand, like the ostrich, but when I peak from the blinders hiding the truth, I see devastation. It’s possible to hide again, behind the offering of pills, alcohol and other drugs. Yet, escaping doesn’t have to be blunt (pun intended), I may also hide behind God and the church or any number of other truths.

The mantra of now is “Let’s Get Started.” When I reach the bottom of my bucket list, and the bucket is empty two things have happened. First, I’ve lived a full life. Second, my bucket didn’t hold enough dreams. Not because my bucket was small, but rather my dreams.

Relative, and naive it is, writing about such nonsense as myself. I learned long ago, conversation and writing about ones self is not good conversation. I give up on that one. If I show up and do things, extraordinary things, it’s of interest to most everyone – inspiring. Carpe’ Diem is a verb, so let’s get started.

To write about what came out of my bucket is ego, but to write what’s going into my bucket is goals. Goals are overrated, I’ll call it decisions and dreams. The only thing that can stop me is uncontrollable realities. I made a decision, “Only concentrate on what I can control.” So, let’s get started.

travel (ck backpack spain)

The road to Santiago or running with the bulls, depending on what stage of life or mood I’m in, at the point of Carpe Diem, goes into the bucket. It doesn’t matter why, I have a number of reasons, none of which makes any sense to me. No matter, in the bucket she goes. Remote alpine fly fishing, why not, it’s just a bucket holding dreams and decisions. New Zealand, yes. Tibet, yes. Labrador, why not – in the bucket – all of you.

Pushing the limits, not so much this time around. The concept left the last bucket, maybe never to return. The words “Maybe” and “In my opinion” somewhat absent from the bucket before, this round, in the bucket – I like you bunches. Listening more and speaking less, I need you in my bucket.

Love, compassion, empathy, philanthropy, courage, understanding, acceptance … all of you beautiful actions – get in the bucket and stay forever. Hate is not invited. Ego will be asked to leave more than once.  More is confusing, bigger and faster can do what they please, but sadness, broken hearts, anger you will be accepted, so into the bucket you go.

Mandolin, moreover me playing the mandolin, picking and grinning with friends, I place you, into my bucket. Friends, with whom to pick and grin, I escort you, into my bucket. A good dog, beaming with unconditional love, heal up, and follow me, inside the bucket. Spirituality, health, relationships, money, free time, hobbies, get in there.

Life will continue to present too much to handle, and when it does, I’m going to reach in my bucket and pull something out. I know what I love and what makes me happy, this all goes in to my bucket. I know things I do not love will make it’s way in; I’ll politely ask him to leave, accepting he came and was part of my life.

I’m not content with my words tonight, nor am I careful. I care, but I’m writing about me throughout, so nobody should really be interested in the first place. Carpe Diem, my friends, let’s get started.

The journey starts, not with new vistas, but with having new eyes.

~Marcel Proust


Above the Earth’s core is rock, containing silicon, oxygen, iron, magnesium and aluminum. We live on this rock, with only one external source of energy – The Sun.

Less than 1% of all energy comes from this source. Every other source has limits or bounds…it is finite. Our world continues to expand, and at this rate world-wide energy demand will double by 2050, and again by 2100.


We believe significant wealth is created by investors that own companies that generate, and not consume, that respect human rights and respect natures limitations, and that create the most benefit for stakeholders, not just shareholders.

make a difference motivational phrase handwritten with white chalk on blackboard

Evolution of impact investing has given us the opportunity to invest and do good. The times of high cost and higher risk are dead and gone. Our team at Yield Wealth is the leader in impact investing in the south. We help foundations, endowments, and people identify their most important values and desired outcomes and allocate their financial resources towards those outcomes.

pass the goat

Our partners scour the ever-changing landscape of impact investments to find the options in each asset category that best match your personal values and goals. We do not sell products, nor manage our own stock and bond portfolios. Our team objectively evaluates both the social and financial merits of separate managed account, mutual fund, private equity fund, exchange traded fund and real estate investment rather than trying to push our own ideas.

Imagine a world that invest for profit to do good. We will not continue to do business as usual, times are changing and we are leading the charge. To learn more about how we help you align your financial resources to what matters most, email

cropped-ck-photo.jpgCharles Kochel is the founder of Yield Wealth Management. Yield is the one of the first benefit corporations in Arkansas and a leading impact investment firm in the south.

To learn more about Yield Wealth or schedule a time to visit, email or visit Do not consider this blog investment advice.

Put Your MONEY where Your HEART is.

Producing abundance of impact with our money is making the world a better place.

Newtons Law: For Every Action, There Is An Equal And Opposite Reaction.

What we are seeing in society is ugly, on both polar ends. It’s Newton’s law. It’s great to see people standing up, for what they believe in – it’s fundamentalist, on both ends, making it ugly.

At Yield Wealth, we talk a lot about “what matters most to you?” Everyday we have conversations about passions and beliefs. Most of the time, money invested supports volumes of companies working directly against what is most important to the client.

Stock means ownership, nothing more, nothing less. So why would you own a company that supports everything you’re against?

do good

The movement toward investing in what’s good instead of just screening out what’s bad is growing, fueled by a new generation of investors – Millennials (gen Y, gen x and a few boomers) are questioning conventional systems and approaches across the board, from food to education to finance.

That’s leading to conversations about aligning personal and family investments with values. A recent Morgan Stanley Institute for Sustainable Investing poll found that millennial investors and women generally are the most likely to invest for impact. Overall, 71 percent of investors are interested in sustainable investing, defined as “making investments in companies or funds that aim to do market-rate financial returns while pursuing positive social and/or environmental impact” — INVEST, DO GOOD.

which way

Historically (2005 – 2008), $3+ Million was the “water mark” for impact investing. It’s true, we can customize amazing portfolios of “Core Impact” investments at this level. But, times are changing and impact 1.0, a high cost, high risk limited information platform is in the midst of rapid evolution. A study, Impact 2.0, led by CASEi3, Duke University (2012), concluded that the cost and risk are at par with other core investments. It is possible to serve two masters – Profit and Do Good.

Now, 2015, we are at a level of knowledge, education and experience where, at any level of assets, you can invest for profit and do good. It’s a matter of choice. (Impact 3.0 or Core Impact)

Align what matters most to you and we’ll help you create a portfolio of action, supporting your beliefs. So, what are you waiting for, put your money where your heart is – seek profit and do good.

saute image ckCharles Kochel founded Yield Wealth Management, with the purpose of bringing “Mindful Wealth Management” to the south. Yield Wealth is one of the first benefit corporations in Arkansas and is leading the charge, helping people, foundations and endowments align their assets to what matters most in life, seeking profit and doing good.

This blog is intended for information purposes only – not investment advice. Contact to set a time for conversation about our beliefs and capabilities.