The on-site crematory at our Lancaster, PA facility means your loved one never leaves our care.

We are the only funeral home in Lancaster, PA with an on-site crematory, chapel, and witnessing room all under one roof. This makes selecting the services that are most appropriate for a loved one much easier, as all funeral options are available from our funeral home and crematory on Lititz Pike.

Most importantly, from the moment a loved one is picked up by our staff at the place of death, they never leave our care. Safeguards are in place to ensure that once they are entered into our care, they are clearly identified throughout the entire time they are on the premises, and verification occurs at each step of the cremation process.

We take very seriously the responsibility placed on us when families entrust us to care for their loved ones. Funeral homes that are forced to send a loved one to a third-party crematory simply can’t offer the same level of protection and care.

Our Lancaster, PA crematory is located at our Lititz Pike location. Some key advantages to our on-site crematory include:

Funeral homes that are forced to send a loved one to a third-party crematory simply can’t offer the same level of protection and care.

  • We do not use a third-party crematory.
  • Loved ones never leave our care.
  • Families may say final good-byes in private.
  • Witnessing services provide an opportunity to view loved ones at the start of the cremation process.
  • Families may participate in the cremation process, if desired.
  • Each cremation is handled with care by a certified crematory operator.
  • 100% of the recoverable cremated remains are returned.
  • All cremations are conducted individually and privately in a peaceful setting.
  • Our crematory is used exclusively by Charles F. Snyder client families.
  • We are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Families can have private time with the deceased

Family comfort room in Lititz, PA Funeral HomePrior to the cremation process, families often request private time with their loved ones in a comfortable setting. We built our comfort room for private viewings in a home-like setting. Our non-denominational chapel is another popular choice for families to gather with the departed before cremation occurs.

Individual involvement in the cremation process

Cremation witness room in Lititz, PA Funeral HomeFor some, closure and peace can be derived form participating in the cremation process. Many families choose to view the cremation from behind a glass window in our private witness room, and some even elect to turn on the crematory. Our funeral directors can discuss any options with family members who feel that their involvement in the process may them bring a sense of comfort.