Medicaid Spend Down

Are you faced with a deadline to qualify your loved one for Medicaid? Charles F. Snyder Funeral Homes has expertise in establishing irrevocable funeral accounts. Our preplanning specialists understand that time is of the essence with a Medicaid Spend Down. If you don’t have your application in on time, it could mean paying more health care bills than necessary.

The best way to establish an irrevocable funeral account is to call us at 717.560.5100 and set up an appointment with Jackie Adamson or Kelly Gramola Townsend.

Things to think about with an irrevocable trust:
If there is a life insurance policy for the applicant, please have the following information:

  • Death Benefit
  • Cash Value

Where time is so important to the Medicaid Application, you do not have to know what kind of funeral you want. The most important aspect of this type of pre-arrangement is ensuring that your loved one qualifies for Medicaid.

The trust can be funded and the specific details of the funeral can be planned from the big to the little details. We’ll be honored to walk you through this process.


Sit down with one of our Funeral Pre-Planning Specialists

Jackie Adamson, Pre-planning funeral specialist in Lancaster, PAJackie Adamson would be glad to meet with you at the funeral home or in your own home. She will walk you through the process and answer all your questions, at no obligation whatsoever.

Call Jackie at 717-560-5100

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